October in pictures


Je n’ai pas posté ici depuis un moment maintenant je sais. Toutes mes excuses!

J’avais perdu la motivation pour être honnête et j’ai aussi emménagé avec mon chéri et nos trois chats récemment dans un nouvel appartement. De plus ces derniers mois, j’ai voyagé par-ci par-là (j’en parlerai certainement dans un autre post). En gros, je n’avais pas le temps pour grand chose.

Au cours des derniers mois, j’ai aussi décidé que je voulais changer un peu le contenu de mon blog. Je veux partager plus que de la nourriture et des recettes. Mes voyages, mes propres photos et d’autres choses si je me sens inspiré.

Ces dernières semaines, je suis tombée amoureuse du blog de Mary et de sa chaîne YouTube. L’un de ses derniers articles de blog portait sur des photos mensuelles prises par elle-même. L’idée vient à la base de Caitylis qui a lancé un nouveau blog post linky pour accompagner sa série ‘sightings from ..’. Vous pouvez aussi participer en lisant ses explications.

Cela fait des mois que je désire partager certaines de mes photos personnelles qui ne sont pas forcément postées sur mon Instagram personnel (je poste tous les jours si vous êtes intéressés) et le billet de Mary m’a finalement donné la motivation et le courage dont j’avais besoin.

J’espère vraiment que vous accueillerez la transformation de mon blog!

Lien vers le pin

I haven’t been here for a while now I know. All my apologies!

I lost all my motivation to be honest and I also moved in a new apartment with my boyfriend and our three cats. Moreover in recent months, I traveled here and there (I will share those on my blog I think). Basically, I did not have a lot of time.

Over the last few months I decided that I wanted to change the content of my blog a little bit. I want to share more than just food and recipes. My trips, my own photographs, and other things if I feel inspired.

The past few weeks I have slowly fell in love with Mary’s blog and her youtube channel and one of her last blog post was about monthly photos taken by herself. The idea comes from Caitylis who started a new blog post linky to go alongside her ‘sightings from..’ series. You can participate too by reading her explanations.

I have been longing for months now to share some of my personal photos that aren’t necessarily posted on my personal Instagram (I post daily if you are interested) and Mary’s post finally gave me the motivation and courage that I needed.

I really hope you will welcome the transformation of my blog!





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  1. Manai dit :

    Bravo continue comme ça je suis fan

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  2. Caitylis dit :

    Wow! Seriously beautiful photographs! What camera do you use?! Thank you for joining in with my #SightingsFrom linky! I absolutely love your post! I look forward to seeing your November Sightings at the start of December very much so now!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. caitylis dit :

      I’ve just realised also you haven’t « linked up » your post onto my « Sightings From October » post. On that post scroll down to just above the comments and just below the rules. There is a little blue box which says « Add Your Link », fill in your name and the URL to this blog post to join the linky correctly! Thank you!
      Caitylis x x

      Aimé par 1 personne

      1. Riiiight I totally forgot to do that ! I will link my website as soon as I can ! Thank you very much my dear ! To answer your first question I just used my phone to take pictures ! I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 😊 I just take the pictures and then use the VSCO app to match the photos to my aesthetic theme. Your comment really means a lot to me honestly ❤ I am impatient to see your future blog posts !

        Much love to you too !



  3. Autumnal dit :

    So stunning! I love the green house so much! They destroyed one in my city and they want to build a new, modern one. I loved the old one, it had soul.

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Old things are the best! I totally agree with you when you say it has soul 😀
      All the greenhouses where I live are old and won’t change (for now at least)! The one in the picture above has just celebrated 200 years of existence and it is located in Geneva’s Botanical Gardens. It’s one of my favourite places here. 🙂
      Thank you very much for your comment your opinions matter to me a lot! Much love for you Mary!



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